Welcome to Weobley - The Jewel in the Crown of Herefordshire’s Black and White Villages

Weobley Litter Pickers

We are now working with Herefordshire Council  to Stop the Drop and are encouraging everyone to sign the Individual Litter Pledge at https://myaccount.herefordshire.gov.uk/individual-litter-pledge to give weight  to getting the Government to do more about litter.

Trip Advisor. This review in April 2017 from "Maggie" should give Weobley's litter pickers heart:  “Great village. Very nice to have information about various buildings. The church was magnificent. Not a sign of any litter." 

Come rain or shine, residents of Weobley are actively involved in maintaining the appearance of their lovely village.  Volunteers target specific areas on a regular basis and every so often there is a major group "tidy up".

Kate Best, the organiser of the "Litter Pickers" attended a forum on Litter on 6 Feb when ideas were put forward from various individuals and agencies to find a way to deal with litter and this will be followed up in the autumn with another meeting to see how things are progressing. No one else in Herefordshire, it seems, deals with litter in the way Weobley does, with picking on a regular basis by a large group of individuals, rather than having the occasional group pick, and others hoped to copy this idea. 

Also, the Junior School is now helping collect litter on a regular basis, clearing the children's play park on a 1:7 week rota, after doing a good cleaning of some of Burton Garden for the National Spring Clean in liaison with the Village Clean up. It is lovely to have the children and the school working with the village to deal with the problem.

All Villagers are invited to join the litter pickers and the best way to do this is to telephone Kate Best on 01544 318513.


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