Welcome to Weobley - The Jewel in the Crown of Herefordshire’s Black and White Villages

Weobley Litter Pickers

Trip Advisor. This review in April 2017 from "Maggie" should give Weobley's litter pickers heart:  “Great village. Very nice to have information about various buildings. The church was magnificent. Not a sign of any litter." 

We, in Weobley, are joining the national Spring Clean on Saturday 3rd March 2018.  After the pick we will meet at 10.30 at Weobley Village Hall for a super breakfast sponsored by Magpie Magazine. This will involve our usual team, with the School and Scout Group joining in, why not join us?

Call Kate Best on 318513.

Come rain or shine, residents of Weobley are actively involved in maintaining the appearance of their lovely village.  Volunteers target specific areas on a regular basis and every so often there is a major group "tidy up".

The group Weobley litter pick was planned to coincide with the national campaign ‘Clean for the Queen’ – an opportunity to tidy up Britain for the Queen’s 90th birthday on Saturday 5th March, 2016 when the usual 20 Weobley Litter Pickers were joined by another 20 or so volunteers to clear the village of litter and rubbish in its annual Spring Clean. After an hour or so of ‘picking’, the volunteers met at the Village Hall where a photographer from the Hereford Times came to record the moment. 

He was amazed at how much rubbish had been collected – 30 bags full of cans, bottles, crisp packets and sweet wrappers and more – and this from areas cleaned on a regular basis throughout the year. 

By doing the ‘deeper’ clean, they also found two tyres, a wheel trim, freezer components, carpeting, a road sign, a knife, a bottle opener, a television, a child’s scooter, some items of clothing, petrol can, and more. 

The volunteers were rewarded by a breakfast provided by the Parish Council, where they were able to sit and chat in the comfort of the Village Hall.  They also recruited six more regular volunteer ‘pickers’, so a good result all round.

The children of Years 4 and 5 of Weobley Junior School picked litter on Castle Green and in the village centre as part of the ‘Clean Up’ campaign. You may have seen them with their purple bags. Kate Best was invited to speak to the children about litter on our streets and let’s hope what they learn from this event will encourage them to help keep our streets clean and (as their teacher suggested) turn into a regular event for them.  

All Villagers are invited to join the litter pickers and the best way to do this is to telephone Kate Best on 01544 318513.


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