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Magpie, the Village News & Information Magazine

Magpie was launched in October 1947 and has been produced monthly since then. The objective was and still is to keep residents and visitors informed of what is happening in Weobley. Magpie, which is available in local shops priced at 35p, can be bought for the current sum of £3 for 12 issues delivered to your door in the Weobley area.  If you would like a copy delivered to your door please telephone Jane Graydon on 01544 319310.

Magpie is run by a team of volunteers, which is why we can afford to offer the magazine at such a low rate. A team of 22 distributors, organised by Jane Graydon, deliver Magpie to the letter boxes of those Weobley residents who pay in advance to have this service.  Magpie has some overseas readers too, and these are sent at cost to those who wish to subscribe.

Advertisements from local businesses within a three mile radius of Weobley are accepted. A Half page is £5.00 and Quarter page £2.50.  Local residents rely on Magpie to contact people who can help them with gardening, cleaning, painting and professional services, etc.

Advertisements from local charities, clubs and organisations are accepted free of charge.

To submit an editorial entry please send it to magpie.editor@gmail.com.

For further information about Magpie, please telephone Julie Peacock on 01544 318322.

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