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Weobley Women's Institute

Weobley WI was re-formed in 2016 after having closed several years ago.  Preliminary discussions showed a lot of interest from the community in starting Weobley WI up again.  And so we did!  Members initially seemed hesitant to volunteer for the committee, however we managed to recruit seven ladies and off we went.  So what have we achieved in our inaugural year?  Firstly, after a couple of hiccups, our committee pulled together and became close and supportive of each other.  Unfortunately our President, Anne Smith, fell ill and Vice President Sally Wetherbee took over – and did a wonderful job.  Secondly, our WI grew to 30 lively members!

Weobley WI is part of the National Federation of Women's Institutes (NFWI) and also of Herefordshire Federation of Women's Institutes (HFWI).  Our WI endeavours to have a committee of six members elected at the Annual Meeting, led by the President who is nominated from that committee and voted in by the WI members.  We have a monthly meeting and arrange many social activities.  Weobley WI belongs to "The Weobley Group" of WIs, together with The Pyons, Eardisley, Dilwyn, Almeley and Burghill & Tillington.  We meet at one of these WIs meeting place for a fun, social get-together.

We held a very successful produce stall during the BBC live broadcast of The One Show from Weobley and a wonderful fun Pimms & Pudding event that 39 ladies attended on a balmy Summer’s evening in August.

We have enjoyed a varied and diverse programme, interspersed with social and fund raising functions.  At the end of the WI financial year, our bank balance was very healthy, thanks to the financial support we received as a new WI.  This included Weobley Village Hall committee providing free hall hire for six meetings and HFWI paying for another three meetings as well as for three of our speakers.  All this monetary assistance has been greatly appreciated.

In summary, 2016 was a brilliant beginning for our new Weobley WI and we look forward to building on this success. We meet at Hopelands, Weobley's Village Hall, every 2nd Monday in the month at 7.30pm. 

Visitors will be made most welcome to join us at our meetings for a small sum. Full members pay an annual subscription of £39 or pro rata contributions for those who join us part way through the year. This covers attendance, a regular monthly newsletter, a quarterly magazine from the NFWI and access to an amazing educational facility, Denman in Oxfordshire.  Find out more at www.denman.org.uk.

The primary contact committee members for enquiries are:  

Sally Wetherbee - President, 01544 318605 

Cate South - Secretary, 01544 340364

e mail – weobleywi@outlook.com

Looking forward to seeing you at our next meeting! 

The 2016 Pimms & Pudds Party

The 2016 Pimms & Pudds Party

Dates for Your Diaries:

4th September. Speakers' Auditions Meeting

11th September at 7.30pm Dr Rachel Penney is coming to speak to us about Women’s Health, an issue close to all our hearts. See you Hopelands.

16th September. Weobley Ploughing Match. Entries for Domestic Section

19/20 November. Denman Designer Day

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