Welcome to Weobley - The Jewel in the Crown of Herefordshire’s Black and White Villages

Weobley & District Bowling Club


Play bowls in the beautiful Herefordshire countryside, at Hereford Road, Weobley, HR4 8SW

Our aim is to foster and promote the sport of bowls at all levels, providing opportunities for recreation and competition with particular reference to the local communities. Membership is open to all ages and abilities.



Six-rink green, clubhouse, dining room for 60 people, on-site parking for cars and coach, bar, club nights, social evenings, friendly matches and qualified coaches. 


Membership application forms are available from the club secretary Mrs. Jean Bufton, telephone 01544 318659  or you can contact the Fixture Secretary, Mrs. Patricia Brenner,  telephone 01544 318710.  New members and touring sides welcome.

The Club celebrated its 70th last year

Weobley and District Bowling Club celebrated their 70th year by hosting a team of friends of English Bowling.

Six ranks were in action at the green, which was voted the best in the county in 2016.

President Judith Pritchard said "In 1947 the then owner of the Red Lion provided land at the rear of the pub for men returning from the Second World War for their enjoyment. The founding president of the club was Colonel Verdin, the grandfather of the present landowner James Verdin, and the club remained at the Red Lion  until 2001 when the lease expired."

Four years of fund raising brought in more than £110,000, including a grant of £25,000 from the Foundation of Sport and Art to construct the new bowling green on the Garnston Estate in Hereford Road.  During the four years without a green, the club played on various greens around Herefordshire and Mid Wales and they are indebted to those clubs for allowing home and away fixtures.

"Gradually through the hard work of members, we now have, in addition to changing rooms, a dining room which can accommodate 60 players, a bar, veranda and wain house. We also must thank the Friends of English Bowling for helping us celebrate our 70th Anniversary" said Judith.




Short Mat Bowling

Short Mat Bowling will start on Monday 8th October 2018 and every Monday afternoon between 2 to 4pm at Hopelands, Weobley's Village Hall. So if you would like to come along and try bowling or keep up your bowling during the winter months, you will be made very welcome.  With tea, biscuits and bowling, it's great fun.


2018 Contact List for Club Officers

PRESIDENT: Mr. Mike Simon. Tel. 01544 318710 

VICE PRESIDENT: Mrs. Christine Tilbury. Tel. 01544 318742 

CLUB SECRETARY: Mrs. Jean Bufton. Tel. 01544 318659 

CLUB CAPTAIN: MR. Tony Stokes. Tel. 01544 318812 

CLUB VICE CAPTAIN: Mr. Glyn Perry. Tel. 01544 319107 

HON. TREASURER: Mr. Mike Simon. Tel. 01544 318710 

FIXTURE SECRETARY: Mrs. Patricia Brenner. Tel. 01544 318710 

SOCIAL SECRETARY: Mrs. Diane Rice. Tel. 01544 318178 


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